We are all here in Santo Domingo and have been enjoying a fun-filled few days. We´ve been so busy!

On Monday we played lots of different ice-breaker games to get to know each other. Also, we created our camp groups and flags. You can see the pictures on the blog. The flags were made of clingfilm and they can be used as extra tennis and volloeyball nets!

Tuesday was extremely hot so, after class, we chilled out during snack before doing our Egg Drop project outside. It was great fun and taught us a lot about how to work as a team. All the groups did very well ... but there was still some scrambled eggs at the end of the project. After lunch we went to the swimming pool. It was refreshing to cool off and relax after all the effort we´ve been making to speak English. We even pushed some of the teachers into the pool to thank them for making us work really hard in class.

Our teachers are really pleased with us as we are speaking lots and lots of English. Everyone is doing so well at camp.

Today is Oja Park and Water Games! Speak to you soon.